Excel Questions Asked in Job Interviews

Top 5 Excel Interview Questions.

Download File http://www.www.myelesson.org/downloads  These MS Excel interview questions and answers are for you if are applying for a job and need to do an Excel interview. With these 5 Excel Interview questions, you can get some practice in before your Job Interview. Download the excel sheet from this link - http://www.www.myelesson.org

These are the top frequently asked MS Excel interview questions and answers in any Excel Job Interview test. Almost every job these days requires you to have a basic, functional knowledge of Excel. Excel is the top spreadsheet application in the world with over a billion users, and most offices rely on Excel for many daily tasks. If you’re applying for jobs that require any amount of tracking, data, or simple calculations, you will be expected to know Excel.

Here are some interview questions you could expect at a job interview.

1 - How to use Vlookup Formula in Excel

2 - How to Make Charts in Excel

3 - How to Use Pivot Table in Excel

4 - How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

5 - How to Protect Sheet in Excel

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