Change Border Line in Excel

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Color Border Line in Excel

Hello Everybody and welcome to MyeLesson
I’m your guru and today I’m going to tell you how to change the border colors. Usually a border looks like this, something like this right. But we can even make it look like this. This is a violet color double line we can even change different colors also. Let me show how to do that. OK to do that what you need to do is, you need to go over here and first of all choose a line color. From here you choose a line color, let’s say I choose Red. As soon as I choose red, this pencil appears. Lets test it out. See it is turning colors red. But won’t it be very difficult to change the colors using this right so all we do is, once we have selected the pencil, test it out once, press escape. Now all you need to do is select the area to which you want to apply that border color and go over here and choose that option all borders. And It will appear in on all the borders right see and we can even change the line style. See we will change the line style. OK. Let us select this, go over here and go to line style and let’s choose a double line OK again this pencil appears. We can just test it once. Press escape and let’s do it again all borders and here you have a line style which is double edged. See how good it is. You can do a lot of variations things over here. You can go test out things. Alright so until the next video this is your guru now signing off for the day.
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