Make Sales Dashboard in Excel

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Make Sales Dashboard in Excel

How to Make Sales Dashboard in Excel

The definition of a sales dashboard is an easy-to-read graphical representation of sales data that’s intended to enable sales managers to make better decisions. While Excel sales dashboards sometimes reveal periodic reporting data, the gold standard of sales dashboards are those that provide data in real time


One of the easiest ways to evaluate your sales success is to compare monthly results over time.

Monthly conversions KPI shows how many new customers bought your product or subscribed to your service during the current month.

You can frame this KPI as merely the number of monthly sales or as “% of monthly sales quota” to evaluate whether you’re going to achieve your monthly sales goal.

To understand what causes an increase or drop in one metric, you need to track further indicators to find correlations between multiple sales and marketing processes.

Compare the monthly sales KPIs with previous month’s results to see whether your sales performance is increasing or declining. Always look for the root cause of poor results – is your sales slowing because of low season, lazy salespeople or poor marketing decisions?

Moreover, track the number of monthly new leads to get to the core of your sales performance.

Many sales metrics overlap with the ones measured by the marketing department. See a definite guide of over 30 widely used digital marketing KPIs to get even more ideas for your sales KPI dashboard.


This is a metric that depends wholly on the nature of your business. New leads can be people who sign up for a free trial. They may also be people who visit your website and spend a certain amount of time without yet ordering anything.

Frame your monthly new leads metric so that it gives you accurate information about the number of new prospective customers.

The monthly new leads KPI is beneficial in numerous ways. Compare it to your monthly conversions/new customers metric to calculate the average lead-to-sale conversion rate (see point 3). Measure the current month’s new leads to previous time periods to see whether your marketing spend’s justified.

CEO/manager dashboard is not only about KPIs but also comparative month-to-month charts and graphs. For example, a line chart of monthly new leads is a great way to spot the trend and adjust your marketing and sales activities accordingly.


Lead-to-sale conversion rate is the percentage of new customers compared to new leads.

Conversion rate KPI shows whether your sales team is capable of turning prospective deals into a real business. Let’s say that 4% of your new leads convert into a paying customer. This means that 96 leads out of 100 bring in no business whatsoever.

There are many ways to improve your lead-to-sale conversion rate. This can be done by providing better sales materials and offering a greater benefit to the prospect. You can also try discount offers or improved customer experience throughout the buying process.

There’s always a reason why all new leads won’t become paying clients. Find out the cause and improve the sales results by tackling the problem.

Want to increase your lead-to-sales conversion rate? Learn the tips, tricks, and hacks for successful lead management and acquire more customers.


Everything that your team does to attract new leads costs you money. Be it advertising costs, web design or social media management, it’s taking a considerable amount of your company’s budget

Add the cost per lead KPI to your dashboard to see how much it costs to attract a prospective customer.

Cost per lead is calculated by summing up all your monthly marketing-related costs and dividing it by the number of monthly new leads. Remember to include the salaries of your marketing team. Or at least,e the time they’ve spent on lead generation.

To have accurate KPIs that reflect the actual situation, you need to gather a lot of data. A quick way to collect your data into one system is by using professional services automation software. The system enables you to use all the data for detailed reporting and real-time KPI dashboards.

Decreasing cost per lead can be a sign of improved customer experience or increased brand awareness. The opposite result indicates that you need to oversee your marketing strategy and focus on more profitable channels.



Intuitively thinking, the cost per conversion seems similar to cost per lead. In fact, the cost per conversion metric can be tens of times higher. Only a small number of your leads convert to paying customers or subscribers. This means that the cost per single conversion can be incredibly high.

Cost per conversion is calculated as cost per lead, meaning that you sum up all your monthly marketing costs and divide it by the number of monthly new customers/sales.

To evaluate whether your cost per conversion pays off in the long-term, evaluate your customer lifetime value. If the cost per conversion is so high that your customer lifetime value KPI is negative, you’re losing revenue and need to act quickly to improve your profitability score.



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