Make HR Dashboard in Excel

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Make HR Dashboard in Excel

Make HR Dashboard in Excel

How to create a  HR Dashboard in Excel. Create a H R Excel dashboard with HR Metrics to measure the result of the HR activities.  It can also be called a HR Business Intelligence dashboard as it will show the HR KPI in a graphical format. How to create a  HR Dashboard in Excel.  Create a HR Excel dashboard with HR Metrics to measure the result of the HR activities.  It can also be called a HR Business Intelligence dashboard as it will show the HR KPI in a graphical format.

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What is a Human Resource Dashboard An HR Dashboard is a visual display of HR metrics. An HR Dashboard can be designed in different ways and used for different things, but its primary purpose is to publish important HR metrics relatively quickly, at a reasonably high level.
The HR Dashboard is the visual representation of the metrics that an HR manager needs to keep a track of to judge the performance of different organizational departments.Common HR metrics are • Seniority• Sex: Common distinction often used for diversity purposes (see the example HR dashboard below)• Age: Age is becoming increasingly important with today’s aging workforce. Age is often a key focus point for organizations that want to innovate and reorganize.• Education level: Educational level should only be included when available and when relevant for the overarching goals of the organization. Otherwise, it runs the risk of being a ‘vanity metric’ in the HR report.• Function type: A metric like function type or function clusters might help to distinguish different groups within the company. An example could be top management, middle management, production personnel and support staff.• FTE: A Full-Time Equivalent is the hours worked by one employee on a full-time basis. The number of FTE is often lower than number of total employees. This holds especially true if there are a lot of part-time workers present in the organization.FTE provides an accurate measure of the total workload in the organization. In addition, people who work less than 1 FTE can be considered part-time workers.• Employees Active: This metrics represents the number of employees working at the organization.• Turnover: This metric represents the number and/or percentage of employees who left in the previous period.• New hires: This metric represents the number and/or percentage of new employees who joined the organization within the last year.•

HR DashboardAbsence: This metric represents the percentage of time that employees were absent in the previous period on average. Another representation of this number is the total days of absence per employee.• Cost of absence: This metric is not a standard metric but it can make the previously mentioned absence rate more tangible by attaching it to a financial number.• Cost of labor: Labor cost is the total amount of money that an organization pays to its workforce. This number includes employee benefits and payroll taxes. Cost of labor can be split up into direct or indirect costs. Direct costs are the labor costs associated with people who contribute to the primary process (an assembly line worker). Indirect costs cannot be traced to a specific level of production (a security person guarding the factory).• Training cost: Training cost represents the total amount that a company spends on training new hires and the existing workforce.• Recruitment cost: Total cost of recruitment efforts, often includes the costs of external agencies, advertisement and, sometimes, lost productivity. Entire books have been written on how to calculate this number. Read for more information here.• Time to fill: We’ve already touched upon time to fill. It’s the number of days between a position opening up and a candidate accepting that position. This metric will vary significantly between job types: software developers, big data analysts, and highly qualified salespeople are much harder to find than entry-level marketers for example.** Useful Excel formulas and Functions **10 Most Used Formulas MS Excel
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